A Smile. A Laugh. A Lesson.

Ndumiso Lindi first came into prominence when he won the amateur category in the Red Bull Comedy All Stars Comedy Challenge. Ndumiso has come a long way from Zwelitsha, a small poor township next to King William’s Town in the... Continue Reading →


According to CNN, If laughter is the best medicine then Patrick “Salvado” Idringi should be Uganda’s chief doctor.The man, who once worked as a telecommunications engineer, has experienced a meteoric rise in the seven short years since he became a... Continue Reading →

Malawi’s top comedian Daliso Chaponda considers himself an “exile baby”. He was born in Zambia while his parents were fleeing Dr. Hastings Banda’s dictatorship. Owing to his father being a political refugee, Chaponda didn’t visit Malawi until he was 11.... Continue Reading →

According to Comedy Central Africa, “Carl Joshua Ncube has to be the funniest comedian Zimbabwe’s ever produced”. This was after being featured on an all-star lineup at the Comedy Central’s International Comedy Festival 2015 Best of Africa Show. According to... Continue Reading →

Daniel “Churchill” Ndambuki has changed the Kenyan comedy scene with his unique comedy style. Churchill’s journey started with the all-time hit comedy show; Redykulass. He later built his brand around his stage name Churchill and is currently hosts a weekly... Continue Reading →

From City Hall to Blue Skies, Former city councilor quit politics for Farming

Life outside the political realm can be daunting and almost unimaginable experience for most serving politicians. Given the opportunities, respect and the Very Important Person (VIP) treatment that comes with holding a public office, most politicians therefore plot to do... Continue Reading →

A good logo is creativity at its best, and is essential to any company’s brand. The marriage between the fonts, colors and image in any logo should be carefully researched and thought out before its public use. It is not... Continue Reading →

Financial planning is the ability to understand your personal financial balance sheet in order make effective decisions that takes care of your present and future life. While a lot of people were taught in school how to make money, only... Continue Reading →

For the last few weeks, my favorite google images search has been tribal peacock tattoos. I check weekly in the hope of finding a new design that will be part of my upper back. It will be my fifth. Before... Continue Reading →

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