Churchill Africa is simply an Interactive, Digital Magazine.

Churchill Africa Magazine is creatively designed and enriched with rich, fresh, relevant and engaging content that not only covers issues that affect our society but also endeavours to seek solutions for the same.

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Key Features

Churchill Africa Magazine incorporates interactivity, inspiring readers to linger within it by watching videos, listening to audio clips, chatting and viewing slideshows etc.

  • Shout out box: Enables you to engage your target audience in Real Time
  • Facebook sharing options: Creates a buzz around your Ad for your audience
  • Photo slides: Wow your audience with as many images on one page as you want.
  • Call back options: Enables your target audience to contact you directly
  • Hot-links: Links your feature with your website or relevant landing pages
  • Animated pictures: Amazes your audience with creative animations
  • Rich Media: Embeds videos, audios, and music to engage your audience fully.