Flying First Class Is Never Enough…


Top celebrities in the world are known to live large and owning a plane is one of the ultimate status that symbolizes their posh life. Their jets can take them anywhere from their mansions to their offices in total privacy without the nagging hassles of flying with “publics” on board. For some of us, a normal flight from Nairobi to Mombasa will make us fill Instagram and Facebook with exterior and interior photos of the plane. You can imagine if we boarded a business class, we can make it worth a non-stop celebrations.

When you come to celebrities, theirs is about comparing how better one’s jet is. How big or how fast is your plane? How many crew members can accompany you? Or, how many jets do you own? To some, they park their planes outside their mansions like cars. So casual! Talk of class and high-flying richness.

Well, let’s take a look at some top celebs who only fly privately and on their own jets.

John Travolta


He is a well-known and accomplished celebrity pilot. John Travolta is an actor with seven planes under his name, including Boeing 727, Bombardier Challenger 601, Boeing 707, and the three Gulfstream jets.


Travolta values his pilot skills very much and has personally flown over 35, 000 miles.
He also likes giving back to the society as he is reported to have given out several planes to charity organizations. In 2010, he helped Oprah fly his studio audience all the way to Australia totally free with vacation fee included.

Tom Cruise


Tom owns a G4 jet priced at $36 million. It’s one of the favorite planes of the Private Jet Crowd. Surprisingly, Cruise also owns a Gulfstream IV despite his notorious behaviors. The plane can fly with 19 passengers exclusive of the two pilots. It’s a perfect jet to fly around all his Scientology buddies.

Mark Cuban


You all know the Shark Tank Show, right? Cuban is one of the founders, and he owns this big Boeing that goes for $144.1 million. Its price is just his pocket change because this is just one of his planes. There are more!

Cuban is a billionaire investor and owns Dallas Mavericks, and he is known for flying his team using his Boeing 767-200 any day any time. Interestingly, he had the seats modified to accommodate even the tall players comfortably.


Cuban has made appearances on many scenes including the “Entourage” movie with his smaller Gulfstream. The Good thing is that he is very generous and at many instances, he has let his friends use his planes.

Tiger Woods


The world golf record holder owns a Gulfstream G550 which he uses to fly from one course to another course. The unstoppable golfer bought it at $53.5 million. It has a luxuries design, wide oval windows, great light and views with inbuilt restrooms and wardrobes.


Tiger left a lot of tournaments earlier than he thought he would, but now he can relax on his G550 comfortable with 17 mistresses…sorry passengers.

Donald Trump


Don is now the newly elected US president and the Air Force One is believed to be purely a downgrade from his Boeing 757 that sells at $95.8. The “Air Trump” comes with gold accents, double bed, spacious lounge with sofas and even a marble bathroom.


You can’t fail to notice Trump’s plane as his name is everywhere on it from interior to the exterior. In fact, it is embossed with the mogul’s crest even on the cushions.


Harrison Ford


The 680 can hold 12 passengers and sells at $18 million. Ford is a licensed pilot for the Air Force One and also his 2009 Cessna 680 Sovereign jet. He owns a total of eight planes altogether.


Recently he crashed his WW11-era plane after an emergency landing. Being an experienced pilot, he was able to steer the jet out of harm and land it down on a golf course. He came out alive and unhurt from the crash. Ford is a true American Badass!

Jim Carrey


It’s a Gulfstream V that reportedly cost him $59 million. The comedian loves it because of its extreme speed and can carry 16 passengers on board.


Rumor has it that the America actor loves his plane to the extent that it has to appear in any movie has to feature.

The President


Air Force One is one of the most respected plane in the world with the current one going for $390 million. The Boeing 747-200B is the most famous private jet under the sun.


Owned by the American people, Air Force One is used by President Obama and his family till the newly elected Donald Trump is handed over the powers. It’s best referred as the “White House on Wings.”


Obviously, the Air Force One is two in one, meaning it’s a home as well as an office. It’s a White House for the First Family and the immediate staffs. It comes with a Presidential Suite that includes a vanity, private office, beds, a shower and a double sink.

Roman Abramovich


Apart from soccer, the Russian billionaire also owns a customized Boeing 767 duped “The Bandit.” This plane cost him $83.6 million, and it’s equipped with 30 seat dining room, luxury bedrooms, boardroom, master bedroom with showers and a spacious living room.


The Bandit comes with chestnut interiors and some elements of gold peppered all over the décor. I hear the painting job cost $76, 000 only.

Saudi Prince Al Waleed Bin Talal Al Saud

Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal

Finally, the Saudi Prince owns the largest and the most expensive private jet in the world selling at $487 million. Also known as Flying Palace, the jet fly’s with the Prince’s Rolls-Royce and has a Turkish bath, a grand piano and a concert hall.


It also features a “wellbeing room” that is characterized with a screen floor displaying the ground beneath, and five luxurious private quarters.