Arthur Nkusi is Rwanda’s number one stand-up comedian and a radio presenter at KISS FM. He was Rwanda’s debut representative in Big Brother Africa 9 ‘Hotshots’ Reality TV show. He has also taken his comedy act to different countries including Burundi, Uganda, Kenya and South Africa.

He began his artistic career in theater with the Mashirika Creative and Performing Group, in 2004, as an actor and later added dance and choreography. He performed in different big festivals with the group like Fespad, Dance Week, Ubumuntu Arts Fesival and Centre By Centre.

Between 2005 and 2007, Arthur Nkusi has acted in international movies; Shake hands with the Devil, Shooting Dogs and Operation Turquoise.

In 2013, Arthur went solo and performed his first one man show named Comedy Rw. It launched Arthur’s comedy career and putting him on the map as one of big comedians in the region. Since then Arthur performs a one man show every year. His 2015 show, Arthur amplified, was a big success in the country’s history of comedy.

Arthur is the co-founder of Comedy Knights Ltd. The company organizes comedy nights on a monthly basis.

He is starting a comedy hub club where all the young Rwandan comedians can nurture and grow. The comedy hub ultimate goal is to grow the Rwandan comedy industry.


  • Besides being a comedian, he is also a singer and painter.
  • He loves reggae and a big Bob Marley fan.