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There’s no secret formula that makes trying any less of a struggle. There’s no magic, super secret, or special process that guarantees you avoid failure. The hard truth about trying is that it almost always includes massive amounts of disappointment.... Continue Reading →

Top Celebs Who Only Fly Private -Trump is Among Them

Flying First Class Is Never Enough… Top celebrities in the world are known to live large and owning a plane is one of the ultimate status that symbolizes their posh life. Their jets can take them anywhere from their mansions... Continue Reading →

Why You Need SEO For Your Website

Search Engine Optimizations (SEO) is simply the art of increasing your website’s chances of ranking high on Google. The web content on your website or blog should include certain words that your audience normally uses when searching on Google. No... Continue Reading →

Kenyans Continue Gaining More Trust in Online Shopping

Despite the current growth of the internet and the new E-commerce business, online shopping continues gaining more momentum compared to the offline business. Day after day we are seeing many retailers and brands crossing over to E-commerce business just to... Continue Reading →

The time has come to be like water as Bruce Lee said in one of his interviews. It does not matter whether it’s put in a cup, bottle or pot, it will take the shape. It adapts effortlessly. It’s flexible.... Continue Reading →

Survival in the crazy Nairobi life

The thing about being a Nairobian is that you are somehow always under pressure. It comes in all shapes and sizes and literally from everyone around you. Your boss pays you peanuts and is always on your case. The landlord... Continue Reading →

Arthur Nkusi is Rwanda’s number one stand-up comedian and a radio presenter at KISS FM. He was Rwanda’s debut representative in Big Brother Africa 9 ‘Hotshots’ Reality TV show. He has also taken his comedy act to different countries including... Continue Reading →

In 2006, Eddie Kadi won the BECA Award for Best Comedy Newcomer. He went on to stage a series of sold-out solo concerts – two of those during 2009 at the indigO2. In September 2010, he performed at London’s O2... Continue Reading →

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